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Viral Menace: Unveiling the Decade's Top 10 Computers Threats

Updated: Mar 12

Computer Virus have evolved so much from funny ones like You are an Idiot Virus to the infamous WannaCry Virus. Below I will show you the top 10 most Notorious viruses that have spread chaos in the digital age.

  1. ILOVEYOU: Also known as the LoveLetter Worm or Love Bug this Virus from 2000 came in the form of a form of an email attachment named LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs, which once open will wreak havoc on systems by replicating itself, and overwriting files. This virus also sent itself to everyone in your address book causing multiple computers to get infected. This virus alone caused more than 10 Billion in damages.

  2. Conficker: This Worm in 2008 exploited vulnerabilities in Windows to create multiple Botnets and replicate expand itself through networks, which led millions of computers to get infected. The scary part was that this virus was able self update, and evade defense put in place. It still remains as one of the most problematic viruses which have led to more research to combat sophist aced malware.

  3. WannaCry: This Ransomware worm was notorious in 2017 for encrypting files in businesses and traveling through networks, which then demanded Bitcoin to decrypt. This worm specifically targeted a Windows Vulnerability in the SMB(Sever Message Block). It infected hundreds of thousands of computers specifically infrastructure in healthcare and government institutions. Luckily the downfall of this worm was defeated when Marcus Hutchins discovered a kill switch.

  4. Code Red: Code Red was a worm that affected Windows IIS web servers in 2001. This worm exploited a Buffer Overflow which led to massive DDOS(Distributed Denial Of Service) attacks which then led hackers to deface websites and leave their signature message "Hacked By Chinese."

  5. Stuxnet: Stuxnet was a worm developed to attack and sabotage Iran's Nuclear program by targeting industrial control systems using SCADA sof tware. it caused damages to centrifuges used in uranium enrichment by spreading through USB and Network Shares. This is an example of a worm used for cyberwafare against another nation.

  6. Mellissa: This Macro Virus spread via emails though Microsoft word documents in 1999. it was a virus that targeted a vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook by replicating itself to clients first 50 contacts in their address book. This caused email servers to slow down due to its rapid replication.

  7. SQL Slammer: This worm could infect multiple vulnerable servers in minutes in 2008. It exploited a vulnerability in Microsoft SQL Server by exploiting a Buffer Overflow , which then caused massive internet shutdowns and slow downs by generating massive amount of traffic.

  8. Sasser: This self replicating Worm exploited vulnerabilities in Windows LSASS service, and spread through networks in 2004. This is an example of why patching software and system is important as when a system was infected it caused it to reboot repeatedly disrupting business operations.

  9. Nimda: This worm was versatile as it can spread through multiple vectors such as email, network shares, and web servers in 2001. By exploiting multiple Window vulnerability it will infect systems and defacing websites leaving the message "Nimda.E xist."

  10. Mydoom: Another email Worm that wreaked Havoc primarily through email and target specific website through Distributed Denial Of Service attacks, as well as creating malicious Botnets in 2004. This from spread through malicious attachments in emails, and peer to peer networks.

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