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Surviving the Digital Game of Saw: Inside the Menacing World of Jigsaw Ransomware

Updated: Mar 15

Remember when the first saw movie came out, and jumping out of your seat with the finale. Yep, who would have thought that Billy The Puppet didn't only represent John Kramer Gruesome life or death game in the movies, but the safety or deletion of your files in your computer.

Known as the CryptoHitman Ransomware it spread chaos in 2016, as it used Billy the Puppet to put psychological pressure on the victim. Once in the targets machine will encrypt there files. It will then proceed to threaten the victim that there files will be deleted unless they get payment in the form of bitcoin, while using Billy the Puppet as a fear factor to scare the victim.

So how was the Jigsaw Ransomware spread? It was spread through malicious email attachments, or links activating the payload. It also spread through malicious plugins and compromised websites. Furthermore, it was sent through exploits in toolkits that exploited vulnerabilities in the victims software or device.

So enough of the spooky stuff, how do you protect against these type of attacks? For starters, only download authentic plugins from trusted websites. Also do not open malicious attachments from phishing emails. Always verify the sender of the email, or if in double call the main business that you presumed contacted you through he number provided on their website. Also verify sender, as it it can be someone impersonating someone you know. Finally don' click on random links you don't trust, and don't click on links from phishing emails, or random smishing texts you receive.

Furthermore, always update your devices with the current security and bug patches to prevent malicious actors from using known exploits against your system. You can do this by going to Window update on Windows settings, and Software update on General settings on MAC.

Lets keep SAW and other Horror icons on the big screen instead of in our files. Stay safe and navigate the Web freely, and securely.

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