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Portal Prowess: Unmasking Secrets with Flipper Zero and the Dark Arts of Evil Portals

Updated: Feb 28

Let's begin our WiFi pentesting journey with the Flipper Zero. First I would advice to get esp32 flasher from the Flipper Zero app and have the flipper zero WiFi development board.

Also note this is for educational purposes only. Only pentest devices you have permission to access. I am not responsible for any bad use of this blog post.

Enough said I use the Extreme Firmware as it already comes with Marauder and Evil Portal preinstalled, and gives the device the freedom it deserves. You can visit the Extreme Firmware repository here

Now that you have flashed your Flipper Zero WiFi Board lets you start with setting up Evil Portal which is the first option when you click on WiFi in apps menu. Scroll to bottom and choose any name you want. I named mines security reaper for obvious reasons(it's the name of this blog). Now press start portal and you will see it says starting portal.

Now using another device that can connect to WiFi, go to WIFI settings and search for your Flipper Zero WIFI. Now connect to it and you will be redirected to to a generic HTML page with login portal with your name choice.

Hope this tutorial helps and comment below any questions.

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